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Sunday, March 1

Team Svalbard 2009

A BSES expedition is formed of one or more 'fires'. A Fire is a group of people that historically would hold 12 people in total as this was the number that the founding member of the society, Surgeon Commander George Murray Levick , believed fitted best around a camp fire.

The new fire lists as of May 29th 2009 are as follows:


Ade Harris (Chief Leader)
Jackie Harris (Base Camp Manager)


Pat Lurcock (mountain Leader)
Lucy Bruzzone (Science Leader)

Emily McKie
Joe Jones
Ash Sethia

Sarah Phillips
James Settrey
Mark Kittle
Herpreet Bhamra
Adrian Halilaj-Everguard


Richard Payne (Mountain Leader)
Lucy Dickinson (Doctor)
Helen Jewell (Science Leader)

Jamie Worsley

Jamie Logie

Christian Moore
Ben Holmes
Pippa Sellars

Steve Scribbins

Fay Done


  1. Hiya Ben we are in Portugal getting some sun but will be back to meet you next week hope all is well see you soon love Mum Dad XX

  2. Luby luby lu! Nearly home time and your birthday which I'm sure everyone knows about on 15th. Glad you're still listed in posts which means no deadly frostbite. Might be in Israel wheny ou return but see you asap!
    Mily x

  3. where is the big base with food
    how many people we could help with this food?


  4. I would like to discuss a winter fulmar project with ben holmes or fay done. If anyone has some contact info for them please email me at