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Thursday, April 2

Advanced Party awaits the arrival of the main group

As temperatures plummeted yesterday to -23 degrees the final preparations were being made for the arrival of the main party in Longyearbyen.

Early tomorrow morning the main party arrives and the expedition will truly begin. For the last two weeks a number of BSES office staff and expedition leaders have been working hard to ensure everything is in order for the start of the 2009 expedition. Food has been cashed at the three base camps, stoves and tents tested, climbing kit sorted and chocolate bars counted. Today all that remains is to collect the bear flares and rifles, measure radio antennae and set up the welcoming committee...

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  1. To whom this may concern,
    Re: Lucy Dickinson's aka chocoholic.
    Keep an eye on those counted chocolate bars!
    Good luck all,
    Cuddles and kisses to Lucy from Jos XX