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Friday, April 3

Expedition members 2am arctic rendezvous

So the expedition has finally all assembled after a 2am arrival of the rest of the party this morning! Pale moon, faint snow gently falling and about -15C...

Everyone in good spirits with tonnes of energy despite the delayed flight. The group divided into its two fires Isbjorn (Polar Bear) and Polarrev (Arctic fox) and spent the day putting up tents and getting adjusted to their skis in a gathering snow storm.

After a talk about cold injuries and how to assemble the HF radios which the fires will be using to communicate with base camp and each other every evening the group have settled into their cosy guest house for the evening. (they still have stoves to assemble, kit to check and dinner to make before bed....but they are onto it)

Tomorrow: more kit issue, last minute purchases, ski lessons and science briefing scheduled.


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  2. It's a great blog! Now on the bookmark bar and I await new posts with relish!

  3. It's beautiful here today (5 April) clear blue skies and warm. But I expect you are excited about progressing to the icy wilderness and that cold and snowy heaven called interior Svalbard. Best wishes for a fantastic time - beware of the Polar Bears and keep warm

    Tony Whiting Council Member