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Sunday, April 19

Reunions and Resupply

The Fires have traveled from different directions and different distances but their arrival timings at the mouth of Janssondalen is such that the Polarrev leaders can hang back and have a quick chat with Isbjørn before catching back up with their Fire to arrive at Base Camp 1 at 1625.

Isbjørn pulk in from Foxdalen led by Fay. Polarrev pulk in from the Tellbreen led up the slope by Joe closely followed by Christian and Jamie. Sarah’s ski binding broke which made the journey harder as did Pippa’s, she decided to ditch the skis and walk in.

Rype are visited midday by Charlie Hunter and Dave (another expedition duo who are in the area) who drop off some supplies from London. Rype then spend the rest of the day starting to compile the “Svalbard Spring (dead) Plant” book. The Leaders get together in the multicoloured base camp weatherhaven tent to catch up on the news. The YEs catch up on each others tales and get ready to fix their kit tomorrow. Clear, very light breeze, -20ºc.

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