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Sunday, April 26

Isbjorn Diary - by Ash Sethia

Isbjørn at the ‘BSES’ hut photo Joe Jones
"Leaving camp behind us Isbjørn were excited to be making our way to the legendary BSES hut. To get there we made our way back across Tempelfjorden on yet another bright sunny day, arriving around 1500 for a snow filled hut perched on the edge of a big pile of moraine. After the initial excitement of having four walls and a roof again the digging began and promptly stopped again when we discovered that the last resident had in fact been a polar bear (there were prints on the beds).
After we got over that fact we finally finished clearing out and repairing the hut and enjoyed the rest of the day on the roof relaxing. The evening was spent round a warming fire and after a game of poker round the table we all went to sleep in the hut."

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