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Monday, April 27

Isbjorn Diary - by Ash Sethia

Isbjørn in front of the Tunabreen Photo Jo Jones
"We left the hut a little late (1200) after developing quite an attachment to the comforts it provided – and set off for the Tunabreen carving glacier.

We arrived at the glacier and apart form taking large numbers of posed photos, spent a long time having a laugh with the echoes that can come from shouting at a glacier. Once again we saw quite a few bear prints on the ice but wherever the bears were they were long gone. For the rest of the afternoon we crossed onto the Von Postbreen, across an uncharted frozen lake (which provided running water for the first time!). From there we made our way up the glacier to camp on the moraine west of the Hampusfjellet – so an interesting 8 hr day, once again with great weather."

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