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Tuesday, April 21

Moving to Base Camp 2

The move starts. The fresh snow, about a foot, from last night has created an unspoilt landscape – not for long! The snow is incredibly fluffy and glitters in the light, several YEs are amazed by it. Polarrev are up early getting ready for the move whilst all is quiet in the Isbjørn camp as they get up later. Polarrev move off or attempt to, as before they have moved a few metres a ski needs fixing. They are led on their journey by Sarah at 1045.

Polarrev leave Base Camp 1

Isbjørn help Rype to demolish the snow walls around the Fire tents and take down their tentipi and leave at midday. Again just as they ski forward they have to halt to make repairs. They have a sprint start, dragging their pulks in the soft snow to get warm and it’s a tie between Lucy B and Ben. Polarrev get as far as the Passhytta which is at the watershed between Adventdalen and Eskerdalen, Isbjørn camp about 750m away at a pingo. Rype spend the day sorting the equipment for return to Longyearbyen. At first still, clear, -18ºc, becoming breezy from the west.

Isbjorn have a sprint start

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  1. Mum Dad Chris Sarah Beth30 April 2009 at 21:10

    Hiya Ben! Hope your having fun, we're all just sat having a roast lamb dinner. Oops, sorry enjoy your sachets!! Missing you. Love from Mum, Dad, Sarah, Chris, Sarah Mc (she enjoyed your portion!) and Bethdog xxxx