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Friday, May 29

Fire Change

Fire Change! Click on The Team to see the new fires.

Isbjørn get up early and move down from the Blackbreen to Tobredalen for 1000hrs for a Fire change. Polarrev resurvey the slush pits and prepare for a handover of the project and a Fire change. The new Isbjørn leave science camp after the 2000hrs radio schedule to move back up to the top of the Blackbreen. Ash and Emily do their 2 minute presentations about themselves, we learn how much Ash likes cheese and Emily’s breakfast routine. Rype hold a leaders’ meeting then ski back to Base Camp with a large pulk of kit and rubbish, they cross the col for their ninth time and leave the pulk at the snow line which has moved yet again further back up the Wimandalen. The sea starts to refreeze off Base Camp 3. Clear, light westerly breeze, +1ºc.

Isbjørn arrive at glacier science camp. The YEs will stay and become Polarrev, Richard and Lucy D will move out with the other YEs who will become Isbjørn – confusing eh? Photo Rype

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