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Saturday, May 2

Isbjorn Diary - by Ash Sethia

"We awoke from a great night’s sleep to face the Storgjelet gorge which turned out to be the most amazing storybook gorge filled with fulmars and cornices high above us.
We encountered a fresh avalanche debris field that afternoon, so spades came out and we cut a path through so we could haul the pulks over.
We eventually reached the end of the gorge and the weather deteriorated to white out conditions for our crossing of the Sassendalen. Despite the almost horizontal snow and the battering from the wind we finally made it back to camp a few kilometres of trekking later and made up our well earned dinners."


  1. All sounds good fun but rather you than us !!!! Hope the well earned dinners are really up to standard - nothing like a little chocolate! Lots of love Paddy!

  2. The Storgjelet gorge is really mindblowing!Glad you guys got to see it too :)