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Friday, May 1

Polarrev Diary - by Sarah Phillips

"We left at 10am and pulked along the flat river bed, trying to avoid the mouth of the river incase it had begun melting in the past few days with temperatures getting as high as a tropical -5 degrees. The weather was still not cooperating however, and instead presented a very overcast and thickly clouded day. This made it extremely difficult to determine what was under-foot and there was disappointingly no scenery to gaze at since we were faced with walls of grey and white.
After a quick lunch the wind picked up again, but luckily no spindrift followed. It did however make deciding where to camp a frustratingly strategic one since the wind was forcing us to make a quick camp but avoid any wind-tunnels or exposed grounds. Finally Adrian found a perfect little sheltered valley (054305, 869205) to thankfully escaping the bullying wind after pulking a huge 20km."

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