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Thursday, May 14

Up to Knerton

Diary by Joe Jones

This morning Jaime W and Emily were appointed day leader and science leader and were subsequently briefed on the day’s activities. Isbjørn were to climb Knerton without leaders to assess our ability to work with each other. Once packed up out of camp and on the ridgeline we stopped for a check of maps. Knerton seemed far bigger and steeper than it came across on the map. However it was a clear day and having been in touch with Lucy D via the UHF radios we all dicided to continue onwards and upwards. Jaime lead the Fire on the way after the approach and the last 30 or so metres kicking steps. We reached the top for photos and a stunning view down to Sassenfjorden.

Joe on the summit of Knerton

Once back in camp a few hours later we were given an hour to make a quick turnaround for the evening ice climb. This climb was not as big as the time before on Tunabreen, however seemed more challenging, in the fact that it was vertical all the way. The ice was also much softer as it was a frozen waterfall. Everyone agreed it was their favourite, everyone making it to the top may have influenced this! We eventually got back to camp around 2100hrs for a late supper and bed.

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