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Wednesday, May 6

Yann visits

Isbjørn turn back from the Tunabreen due to standing water and head along the north side of Tempelfjorden to camp 5km southwest of Kapp Murdoch. Polarrev carry out a recce of Trehøgddalen and return to their camp. Rein and Rype join forces and pulk to Kapp Schoultz, pausing at Villa Fredheim, an old hunters house on the way. Rein/Rype set up camp on the beach and have time to explore. Adrian enjoys finding so many fossils. Yann a YE on the 2006 Svalbard Spring exped comes out to visit by scooter, with 2 of his university friends, bringing with him ski binding parts and treats for the YEs. Rein enjoy the opportunity to talk to new people. Everyone sees the arctic fox whilst it patrols under the sea cliffs that are full of fulmars. Overcast, clearing, -5ºc.

To see more photos from Yann's visit, go to Thanks Yann!

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