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Wednesday, June 3

Alpine Starts

Isbjørn move their camp up Hanaskogdalen and then summit on Hiorthfjellet. Lucy D accompanies James into De Geerdalen. They have to carry their kit to the Wimanelva, then walk up to the Grnøsteinfjellet col pulling the pulks and carry the pulks over bare patches of ground on the col. Pat picks up James from DeGeerdalen and Polarrev celebrate Emily’s birthday. Isbjørn biology, Steve and Fay, return from the hide midday and continue the projects from Base Camp. Rype continue with alpine starts and manage a safe passage into Louisdalen and then continue along the north shore of Adventfjorden to Hiorthhamn. Strange to see trucks and cars driving along the roads on the otherside of Adventfjorden, in Longyearbyen.

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