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Monday, June 1

Looking Back

YE Diaries - Joe Jones (4-11 May 2009)

For this part of the expedition we headed towards the east of the island. The environment is much harsher and colder as it does not benefit from the warmth of the Gulf Stream. Despite this it is still much warmer compared to the start of the expedition, when we were dealing with -25º c and below as compared to a more comfortable -15º to -10º c. This has allowed for easier socialising which in turn has opened up the possibility for poker and many other fun activities such as survival bagging down snow slopes.

As for the actual expedition itself we did lots of ski touring, exploring the local area around Vendomdalen (Martin Conway’s ‘turn around valley’ on his exploratory journey to find the east coast), as well as mountaineering. The highlight of the trip was climbing Trehøgdene and walking along the ridge, which at its highest point was 682m.

Polarrev on Trehøgdene 7.5.09 Photo J. Jones

View of Vendomdalen from Trehøgdene 7.5.09 Photo J. Jones


    the TN reopens 16th June! xoxo love Abby

  2. What an amazing photo. This is the best shot I've seen, utterly spectacular. Enjoy your last week YE's

    Sarah Moore (christian's mum)