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Friday, June 5

River Crossings wet???

Isbjørn complete the Staket horseshoe and expect to collect Helen at 2200hrs at a rendezvous on the Blackbreen. Polarev complete a ski mountaineering tour of Ottofjellet. Lucy B afterwards heads down De Geerdalen to meet up with Helen and take her back to Tobredalen.

Lucy B has 1 wet river crossing on the way out and 2 with Helen on the way back, slowing their progress so they arrive back at Tobredalen science camp around 2000hrs, too late for the planned delivery of Helen by Pat and Lucy B to Richard on the glacier. Lucy D delivers Helen to the meet up with Lucy B in De Geerdalen, collecting rubbish, poo and redundant science kit to bring back to Base Camp 3. The Isbjørn biologists return at lunchtime from the goose count, the numbers are going down. Rype return to Base Camp 3. Light easterly, clear going cloudy, 0ºc.

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