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Sunday, April 12

Working hard

Isbjørn go up the Foxbreen glacier terminal moraine and investigate the rocks with Fay explaining the different rock types and their formation. They then headed up the moraines to dig a trial snow pit – the first of many.

Polarrev continue to Tobredalen negotiating Kreklingpasset and set up their camp from which they will do their science. Their temperature reading at radio schedule is -22. Rype ski to Isbjørn’s camp in Foxdalen to pick up Charlie are informed that the tents are large enough for James (just) and then ski back with Charlie to Base Camp 1. Clear, breeze, -16ºc.

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  1. Brian Settrey - (James' father)18 April 2009 at 09:22

    Glad to see James fits in the tent, we were a bit worried! If anyone is interested go to it is a WWF website were you can "adopt" a Svalbard Polar Bear from £3pm. I only hope they don't shoot mine!!