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Saturday, April 11

Ski Lessons

Overnight it was hot, well relatively, around zero and the wind and snow made visibility bad. Departures planned for 1000 were delayed in the hope the weather would improve. Isbjørn set off to Foxdalen around 1300hrs to set up camp in preparation for their survey work on the Foxbreen glacier. They decide to take the tentipi with them and in addition to RTK GPS survey kit they take a generator, necessary to keep the survey kit charged.

Richard has the generator in his pulk and on the ‘Olympic downhill ski run’ into Foxdalen he is the only one not to fall down!

Polarrev leave at 1200 just when the wind starts to pick up again and head out to cross Adventadalen towards Tobredalen and set up their camp in Helvetiadalen. Rype see them off then tidy up around Base Camp. Cloud, snow, wind, 0ºc, wind drops in the afternoon as does the temperature to –20, which is more like we need!

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