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Friday, April 24

Musical Fires

At the morning 0845 brief by Ade the YEs are informed of their new Fire groups. Trying to provide the YEs with their choice has necessitated that this Base Camp will be divided into 2 phases. This first phase has the popular trek to the East Coast, that most said they wished to do, with the other half of the expedition ‘Adventuring’. On the 3/5/09 the Fires will change again so that the remaining YEs who wanted to go to the East coast can and the YEs who wanted to do Geomorphology or Biology can have some time on their chosen area.

The new Fires are:
Rype; Ade and Jackie.
Isbjørn; Richard, Lucy D, Helen, Herpreet, Fay, Jo, Emily, Christian, Steve, Ash, Jaime W.
Polarrev; Pat, Lucy B, Adrian, Ben, Mark, Jamie L, Sarah, Pippa, James.

At 0900 (well almost on time) the Expedition, in their new Fires, go up Sassendalen to collect the food cache that was left in mid March, all are back by lunchtime. The afternoon is spent moving into their new Fires and tent groups and preparing for their next eight day adventure. Some have a warm wash and change of clothing enjoying the temperature. Lucy D does another round, having checked folk on arrival at Base Camp 1 and before departure, and checks up on feet and other body areas. Still, clear, -12ºc.

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