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Saturday, April 25

Isbjorn Diary - by Ash Sethia

Warming fire? Photo Joe Jones
"Set off from Base Camp 2 with the Nordenlight (the yacht frozen into the fjord) in sight. It was a rather balmy -10ÂșC with the sun out and a clear blue sky. After an enjoyable couple of kilometres to get down to the sea we finally arrived at the shoreline and roped up to cross the sea ice.
Despite the interesting cracking noises beneath us we made it safely to the Nordenlight by late afternoon. The main attraction turned out to be the huskies that were playing around the boat not the hope of a coke and hot meal.
The rest of the afternoon was spent making our way to our own far more opulent accommodation at Kapp Murdoch on foot. We then settled down to a warming fire on the seaside and a good sleep after a 12 km trek."

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  1. Emily, could you be any more bundled up in clothing! hope the fire provided some small source of heat - think of us all back in sunny England. mega lovage
    Izzy X