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Tuesday, April 7


The weather is foul, strong wind, snow and very poor visibility. Isbjørn wait until 1800 and then use a break in the weather to move some way up Adventdalen. They have set up camp, eaten and in bed for midnight. Polarrev wait out the weather in their tents, with Charlie, who works at the BSES office, using the tent bound time to chat and interview the Explorers.

Joe reconstructs their toilet to withstand the high winds, all caught on camera! Rype set up the two Tentipis which will be the group pyramid tents 1 for each Fire and the associated bear defence and also assemble the weather station. Rein make a late move to Base Camp 1, only taking an hour, they hadn’t realised how close they were to Base Camp the night before and then take up residence in one of the Tentipi.

Polarrev are initially difficult to hear on the radio schedule but sort out the connections and come through loud and clear. Isbjørn are travelling so Rype receive a sat pager message to let us know they are OK and will radio in the morning. Cloud, snow, -14ºc.

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