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Wednesday, April 8

Getting into the details

0800 radio watch only occurs if a Fire misses the evening radio watch or if it is requested by anyone. Steve completes the Isbjørn radio sit rep (situation report) whilst the rest of the Fire doesn’t have to get up until 1000. During the afternoon Isbjørn and Polarrev are met near the mouth of Janssondalen by Rype, who have spent the morning skiing about looking for a mountain training venue. Mark leads Isbjorn in to Base Camp 1 around 1730 with Polarrev following about 5 mins later.

Rein put up their tents late morning and go for an evening ski. Adam Griffiths (a former leader on extreme arctic 2006) and Craig arrive mid afternoon on their way back to Longyearbyen after pulking further north and stay the night.

It is a full camp tonight with the Explorers obviously pleased to all meet up again. The Leaders have a meeting to plan the morrow. Cloud, clearing in the afternoon, -14ºc.

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