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Tuesday, May 12

Admin Central

The whole Expedition is in Base Camp 2. Leaders work on the YE mid term reviews whilst Base Camp crew prepare for the move, supplying YEs with repairs for skis and ski skins, collecting and boxing rubbish. The YEs have a brief at 1130, those without pen flares have a warming run around the camp as do those who have forgotten their pencil and paper!!

Ade does a brief about the Johari window, a feedback model. Sarah writes up the ice cave adventure the majority of the YEs form a work party to construct a fortress like toilet out of snow blocks. Late afternoon Richard takes some of the YEs to a local gully for some rope work. Herpreet and Jackie excavate the toilet tent which is snow and iced in. At 2000hrs Ash and Pippa manage the striking of the tentipi tents which involves almost the whole exped as these tents have also been up for almost 3 weeks. The Base Camp equipment and science kit is shared out which they will take in addition to their personal and share of the Fire kit. Ben volunteers to have the generator. The wind picks up in the evening and overnight depositing spindrift and snow. Cloud, breeze, +2Âșc.

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