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Wednesday, May 13

The Melt is on!

Rype set off first towards Base Camp 3, followed by Isbjørn who go via the ice cave. Polarrev wait for the two skidoos and trailers to see the excess equipment and rubbish back to Longyearbyen, then follow on.

The plan was for the Fires to go to Vindodden with Rype recce onto Elveneset checking out the sea ice. As the Fires are all in Vindodden early they check with Rype that the sea ice is OK and then continue on to Elveneset by the evening. The melt has started with water lying in pools on top of the sea ice – rather disquieting. At Elveneset there is water in the stream beds and the bare ground is quite sodden. Just to end the day, James breaks through the thin ice into knee deep water. In the few hours between Rype and the rest of the expedition arriving there is more water running in the streams and the snow is soggier. The melt is on!

Isbjørn and Polarrev camp together on a shoulder below Skjørlokstupet which has retained its snow. Ade and Jackie camp on damp mud in Elveneset delta. A warm day Rype pulking in powerstretch leggings and thermal tops only. High cloud, breeze, temperature not recorded, clearing later.

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