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Friday, May 8

Diary Updates

Hi avid blog followers! Just to let you know, we've had diary updates from the Young Explorers sent through to the office, and we have uploaded them under the appropriate dates below for you to read.

You can spot them easily as the text is in italics - you can also view all the diary entries by clicking on 'YE Diaries' under the media heading on the right hand side. There are some new photos too - the earliest goes back to 25th April so Enjoy!


  1. To Lucy D, lots of love from a wet and windy cumbrian saturday. Ben's a little bit off colour, so quite nicely cuddly. Currently busy building a very high tower over his railway. He's growing up fast, has started calling us Kath and Keith already.
    Thanks for the birthday card- had a good weekend with the Jenkins's in Derby. Exceeded my recent exercise profile by quite alot, by doing 2, 2 mile walks, and lost my sense of humour by the end of both!
    Keith says 'hello fatso'
    Mac says he's looking forward to a nice long walk when you come back.
    Missing you, looking forward to seeing you when you come back.
    Lots of love hawkeye, husband of hawkeye, and son of hawkeye.xxxxx

  2. Hi Rype!
    Don't know if you'll get this,but thanks for the letter,was brilliant getting some news from the field!Right after I posted mine I dislocated my knee!!No more adventures for a while!!Still going climbing in the Alps soon though!
    Hope all is going well out there,the diary updates are really lovely,very jealous of all the amazing places the YEs are exploring!
    Hope to see you soon
    Lots of love

  3. I visited BSES the other day at Templefjorden. They are all doing well. And I took some of their photos. You can view them here :)

  4. Hello lovely Lucy Lu (D). We really miss you. Had a fab party at the weekend. Not the same without you though lady. You would have loved it. Thanks for the card..I opened it early even though it's not actually my real birthday for a couple of weeks.
    Really looking forward to you coming home it feels like you've been away for such a long time.
    Hope you're having a great time.
    Lots of love, Lucy x

  5. Hi Ben
    It's Hattie and Lily here just wanted to know how have been and how was the expidition. (hope your enjoying it)
    We are all fine and missing you can't wait to hear from you.
    Loads and loads of luck and love from The Blundell's. xx

  6. Lucy D.
    Hope you spotted the artcic fox.
    Missing you heaps.
    Enjoy. Love Ad, Debs, JJ and T XXX