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Friday, May 8

Fulmar surveys

Isbjørn pulk across the sea ice to Kapp Belvedere whilst Polarrev pulk into Trehøgddalen. Rein and Rype pulk round to the mouth of Nøisdalen, set up camp then ski up the narrow valley to make a survey of the fulmar in the amphitheatre. It is possible to go up the opposite stream bank so they are eye level with the fulmars in their holes in the cliff face. Ben and then Adrian ski back down to camp ‘skinless’ enjoying the speed, but Fay with skins on still beats them back. Clear, easterly breeze, temperature not recorded.

Photos of Rein in Nøisdalen

Nøisdalen. Helen with Adrian and James doing the fulmar survey. Photo A. Harris

Fay and Ben surveying the fulmar colony. photo A. Harris

The fulmars at home! Photo A. Harris


  1. Hello Ben, Love the pictures, its great to see you,looks like you are having fun.Enjoyed our meal at The Oven thankyou it was fab.Looking forward to seeing you soon, miss you loads enjoy the rest of your adventure all our love Mum Dad Chris Sarah and Beth (woof woof)

  2. hello Ben,

    We are considering doing a winter study through UNIS on fulmars in Nøisdalen. Please contact me at if you have any info which might be helpful to our study.