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Sunday, May 24

Halt the Melt

Isbjørn (adventure) climb Konusen whilst Polarrev start the RTK GPS survey of the Blackbreen. Isbjørn (biology) and Rype join forces and make a round trip of 20km to climb the north ridge of Janusfjellet in search of fossils - The group splits on the way home with the faster group racing to get back in time for radio schedule and Helen, Adrian and Herpreet coming back closer to the shore. They see 2 walrus and an arctic fox!

Last night’s snow and minimum overnight temperature of minus 2 has enabled the snow to settle and a crust to form on the snow. When walking you still break through the crust and in places down to knee height but at least today the snow is not soggy. The cold night and cold day has temporarily halted the melt. Overcast, strong easterly breeze changing to westerly -2ºc.

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  1. Herpreet

    Hope all is well? Everybody is looking forward to seeing you soon, count down has begun.