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Monday, May 25

Local Climate Change

This week at Base Camp 3 the sea ice has been in and out of our bay. The sea has been flat, pond like until 23.5 evening. Some days the broken ice has been packed in and all that can be seen when looking north and east. The next day it can be open water with just the odd pieces of melting ice. We have also had a few substantially sized lumps - one is estimated to be 100m long and 10m out of the water, of interest to the small day cruise boats. The wildlife comes and goes literally with the ice. The eider ducks enjoy the safety of their floating ice lily pads and drift past the bay only to drift back a few hours later. We are alerted to their passing by the ooh, ooh they make as they drift by, sounding like neighbours enjoying a bit of scandalous news.

Jackie and Ade

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  1. Steve S: Happy Birthday Son! Just keep mapping that melt. The Ice is more solid here, waiting for your Whisky! Cheers!