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Tuesday, May 19

People Everywhere

Isbjørn (adventure) move the “adventure 2” rations up to the Knorringbreen and summit Wimanfjellet from Knorringbreen and return to their camp. Isbjørn (biology) spend the day on goose counts and also see a beluga, Hepreet and Sarah occupy the goose hide overnight. Polarrev collect the “geomorphology” rations which they had cached in De Geerdalen on 17.5.09 and return to Tobredalen. Rype take the weather station download lead to Polarrev in Tobredalen, who forgot to take it, and Lucy B downloads the data from the weather station which was set up in Tobredalen 13.04.09. Rype return to Base Camp 3 having to carry their skis the last kilometre due to the ice and stones in Wimandalen. Still. Overcast, 0ºc.

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