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Monday, May 18

Building & Hiding

Isbjørn (adventure)since being left at their camp up Wimandalen have prepared a tent base up to Pat’s standards for Richard and Lucy, built a toilet and also a ‘garage’ for storing the pulks. Late afternoon they climb Knerton from the south whilst practising snowcraft skills on the way. Isbjørn (biology) do a local area recce, identify a suitable hide sight, start their bird surveys, see a walrus and then Adrian and Mark occupy the hide overnight. Polarrev leave Base Camp 3 and move to Tobredalen to set up a static camp from which to do the glacial surveying and melt projects. Rype accompany Richard and Lucy D up Wimandalen to the camp where Ash, Emily and Joe had spent the night then Rype ski up to the Knorringbreen and back to Base Camp 3 with Isbjørn Adventure’s rubbish. Still, clear, +3ºc.

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