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Sunday, May 17

Working around the melt

0900 brief to the YEs from Ade, everyone on time so no press-ups but a few still have a warming run as still some have forgotten their no bear flares or pencil and paper!

Pippa and James each do a 2 minute talk to the group about themselves, this is preparation for the 45 minute talk to be given to UNIS on 15.6.09. Fire change,then Rype sort out a food issue for the new Fires. Isbjørn take a food cache up Wimandalen to the snout of the Knorringbreen for those who will be doing Isbjorn adventure whilst Polarrev take a food cache to Tobredalen for everyone who is doing the glacial survey.

The caches are made now to make the most of the snow so the food can be dragged in the pulks. On 15.5 Isbjørn have a pleasant ski down from the Grǿnsteinfjellet col to Base Camp 3, only a day later and the col is only passable on ski with pulk by weaving between the bare rocks and tundra on the remaining snow. Westerly breeze, clear, +1ºc.

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  1. Adam Dickinson21 May 2009 at 12:34

    Just another quick note to wish you all the best for your trip and to let Lucy D know we are all thinking about her and little Jos can't wait to see Auntie Wig Wag next month!

    Take care all and enjoy the rest of the trip
    Love and best wishes
    Adam D