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Friday, April 10

Fieldwork begins

Isbjørn and Polarrev are briefed by Helen and by Lucy on the science they will be doing during this phase of the expedition. The tentipi are great for this providing shelter but just enough space for the Fire to all sit in. The Explorers have time to sort themselves and their kit out ready for the move out to their respective science locations.

In the afternoon they walk out to join their Leaders at a slope down the valley to again practice crevasse rescue and try snow bollards. Rype issue 9 days food to each of the Fires, which equates to a cardboard box of rations each to fit into their pulk in addition to their personal kit, camping kit and science stuff!

Ade (Chielf Leader) spends about 5 hours nursing the “new” generator into life – it responds to the same treatment the “old” generator got last year. Isbjørn are in high spirit, caught on camera. Cloudy, still with breeze and light snow in the afternoon, -6ºc.

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