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Thursday, April 9


Rype, Isbjørn and Polarrev do mountain training on a local slope. For some it is building on the introduction they had to snow craft skills on the 2nd briefing week-end in Scotland. This is just the beginning of developing skills and there will be lots of practice and further training sessions through out the expedition. The snow and wind from the morning clears to a lovely afternoon with great views from the training slope to Longyearbyen and Oscar II land beyond - amazing.

Adam and Craig, after a happy sing in their tent first thing in the morning, head for Longyearbyen around 0930 looking forward to some warmth. Rein set off 1130 on their 4 day journey home via DeGeerdalen. In the evening Helen and Lucy sort out the science equipment they need. Light snow, clearing in the afternoon, -10ºc.

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